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Water Quality

Lovewell Pond Association participates with the Voluntary Lake Monitoring Program, which is associated with the Maine Center for Invasive Aquatic Plants.

The VLMP trains voluntary lake monitors in techniques for testing a range of elements that indicate overall lake water quality.

Lovewell Pond water quality is monitored by the Maine Volunteer Lake monitoring program (VLMP) in conjunction with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (ME-DEP). The VLMP is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting Maine's 6000 lakes and ponds through the acquisition of scientific data, and to raise public awareness about the ecological, aesthetic and economic value of our lakes.

To accomplish the mission of the VLMP, the agency relies greatly upon the efforts of volunteers to collect data and water samples for historical data purposes and analysis. The goal is to identify trends over a period of time rather than making an immediate evaluation of the water quality. Volunteers have undergone training and certification by the VLMP. For example, volunteers periodically collect water samples and take secchi disk readings throughout the late spring, summer, and early fall seasons. The data is forwarded to the VLMP for further compilation and analysis.

Lovewell Pond 2001 Water Quality Summary

The following information regarding Lovewell Pond was provided by the VLMP (issued March 2001) and is the most current information available. Refer to the Definition of terms for an explanation of the terms.

Water quality monitoring data for Lovewell Pond has been collected since 1976. During this period, 6 years of basic chemical information was collected, in addition to Sechi Disk Transparencies (SDT). In summary, the water quality of Lovewell Pond is considered to be slightly below average, based on measures of SDT, total phosphorus (TP), and Chlorophyll-a (Chla). The potential for nuisance algae blooms on Lovewell Pond is low.

Water Quality Measures: Lovewell Pond is a non-colored lake with an average color of 27 Standard Platinum Units (SPU) with an average Secchi Disk Tranparency (SDT) reading of 4.6meters or 15feet. The range of water column Total Phosphorus (TP) for Lovewell Pond is 6 to 24 ppb with an average of 12ppb, while Chla ranges from 1.1 to 4 ppb with an average of 3.1 ppb. Recent dissolved oxygen (D.O.) profiles show moderate D.O. depletion in deep areas of the lake. The potential for TP to leave the bottom sediments and become available to algae in the water column (internal loading) is moderate. Lovewell Pond is managed by MDIFW as a warm water fishery.

Additional Information

University of Maine Center for Environmental and Watershed Research
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Note: The MIDAS (Maine Information Display Analysis) code for Lovewell Pond (which identifies the pond in the University of Maine database) is 3254.

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