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Loons On Lovewell Pond

To many of us, the call of the loon is synonymous with summer on Lovewell Pond. In the 1950's and the 1960's, this wasn't the case. Back then, loons were very rare on Maine's ponds and lakes. The Maine Loon Project was started in 1977 to study the status of the loon population. Thanks to such programs and the public's response, loons ( and eagles) are back on the pond.

We all love to hear the "call of the loon". Each call means something different in "loonspeak" but to us humans, the sounds translate into "please stay away... enjoy us from afar".

There are several things we all can do to encourage the loons to stay on our pond and to return each year:

   source: Maine Audubon,

Please remember: Common loons are protected by both state and federal laws prohibiting harassment of wildlife.

There is a lot of great information regarding loons available on the Web. Here are are a few:

The Annual Loon Count

For over 25 years, the Maine Audubon Society has been conducting an annual "Loon Count". Each year, on the third Saturday of July, from 7-7:30 AM, on every lake and pond in Maine, volunteers go out on their lakes and count the loons that they see, marking a special map with the place and time of sighting. Paul Troth was Lovewell Pond's original loon counter. His family (the Gobetz's) have continued the tradition with help from neighbors Stefi Hastings and Colleen Wilkins. The results of 21 years of the loon count on Lovewell Pond are below (updates for 2005-2008 to come, and 2009 when it's available).

Lovewell Pond loon count, 1983-2004
Lovewell Pond adults chicks
1983 2 0
1984 2 0
1985 1 0
1986 0 0
1987 0 0
1989 3 0
1991 1 0
1992 2 0
1994 0 0
1995 7 0
1996 6 0
1997 0 0
1998 1 0
1999 2 0
2000 1 0
2001 3 0
2002 2 0
2003 1 0
2004 0 0

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