The Lovewell Pond Association

Fryeburg Aquifer Resource Committee

The Fryeburg Aquifer Resource Committee (FARC) was formed in 2003 by interested citizens of Fryeburg shortly after an announcement by the Nestle Corporation that its Poland Spring Bottled Water unit was considering construction of a plant in the Fryeburg Area. Nestle currently withdraws in the range of 1 million gallons of water per year from the Ward Brook Aquifer. Ward Brook drains into Lovewell Pond at the northwest quadrant of the lake.

In addition to current Poland Spring related withdrawals, the Fryeburg Water Company uses the aquifer as a water source, and a permit has also been issued to another corporation (the WE Corporation) which is investigating water withdrawals for commercial bottled water purposes.

FARC initiated several activities, including fund raising to support the Fryeburg Planning Board by implementing a comprehensive and independent review of the impact of withdrawals from the aquifer on the sustainability of the aquifer resource, and on nearby surface water lakes and streams, including Lovewell Pond. That analysis is nearing completion. Preliminary results were presented to the community on May 10, 2005, and the study was completed summer 2005. An interesting overview of the aquifer use impacts on Lovewell Pond was included in the study.

Upcoming events

July 5, 2009
Annual Meeting
10:00 am
Fiber Barn,
Fryeburg Fairgrounds